How to set up or modify the Distribution Settings of your event?

Modified on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 07:14 PM

Summary: When you create a new event, a specific group of Distribution Settings will be set up as well. The Distribution Settings will depend on your settings or your choice at the moment you created the event. Nevertheless, you can modify the Distribution Profile of your event at any time.


Any Distribution Profile changes that you make on one event will be effective the next time you launch the Streaming Engines for a session within your event.

1. Check your current Distribution Profile

On the left-side menu of the Event Management page, click on Distribution Settings.

Click on the dropdown field under Stream quality. The dropdown list will show you the Transcoding Profiles available 

Click on the one you want to use, in this example "FHD Source+..."

2. Configure your Publishing Targets

The Publishing Targets can also be adjusted per event.

You can do several things here:

  1. If your company have implemented a p2p based eCDN you can edit the Vancast CDN Publishing target to enable the p2p technology within your event. Click on the 3 dots. and select Enable P2P/webRTC distribution. The simbolindicates the peering functionality is active
  2. You can also add new RTMP Publishing Targets to republish your stream to other platforms like YouTube Click on to add a RTMP publishing Target: for example your YouTube's Channel:Fill in the requested information and click Save.

With this setup: 

  1. The stream you will send to the streaming engines will be transcoded and then distributed in 4 different qualities for adaptative streaming. The Fastly CDN will distribute the stream to the audience
  2. Depending on your configuration, some users would take advantage of some peers being connected to the same live stream to unload the total bandwidth coming from the CDN.
  3. Also, the stream will be republished to your youTube channel.

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