What are the different types of Access Link?

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Summary: Access Link Types.

VancastVideo offers several types of Access Links that you can use to give your end-users access to live or on-demand content. There are 5 types of Access Links:

  1. Open access: A simple link or embed code which does not require authentication or authorisation.
  2. Registration Gate: Users can access the contents only after signup. Useful for lead generation purposes.
  3. Single Sign On (SSO): Using VancastVideo SSO implementation makes it easy for an organization to make secure calls to VancastVideo contents.
  4. Email Campaign: You can send an email invite to your audience from your favourite email marketing app, including a personal link to access your content page.
  5. Allowed Lists Access: Only the users included in a list(s) will have access to the event.

Case study

Say that your company is hosting a MasterClass by a Speaker as part of an e-learning program and you want to define the link(s) to the conference.

VancastVideo allows you to create as many Access Links of any of the five (5) types briefly described above:

You may create a Single Sign On (SSO) link for your e-learning platform so that only users who have paid for a particular program can access your content. (You can only use SSO links if an integration development on your side has been done)

If the SSO integration has not yet been developed, you could export a list of allowed users, which you will then upload to an Allowed Lists Access Link that will restrict access only to the members of that list. In this case, the end user will be prompted to enter his email before accessing the content.

Additionally, you can define an Open Access Link for the event producers to test the live production.

Furthermore, imagine that you've agreed with the conference's sponsor to allow them to invite some of their clients to watch the live conference online. For that purpose, you can set up a Registration Gate Access Link that the sponsor will distribute to their clients. This way, the viewers will register to access the content, and the sponsor will be able to track who watched the conference. 

Lastly, as an exceptional promotional gift, you may want to invite those prospective students that already signed up to your mailing list. You can define an Email Campaign Access Link which you can directly copy and paste onto a button in a campaign addressed to that list. The button will give the recipients direct access to the contents without registration.   

All Access Links are independent and can be enabled or disabled individually.  

Benefits of Access Links:

Access Links provide many benefits, including:

  • Restricting access only to authorized users
  • Tracking viewer activity, which can help in measuring the effectiveness of the e-learning program
  • Creating different types of links for different scenarios


By using VancastVideo's Access Links, you can provide secure and controlled access to your events or contents, track viewer activity, and create different types of links for different scenarios. Try it out and see how it can benefit your program.


You can create as many access links as you need, from any of the types available, to better manage and control your audience.


If you have either several sessions or several languages, or both within an event, keep in mind  that you actually get a different link for each session/language. Dropdown the Session and Language fields to select the corresponding specific URLs.

Prerequisites for an SSO access link in VancastVideo:

Before you can create a SSO Access Link you need at least an SSO Key which must be used within your company's internal SSO server app.

Only an Admin user with Owner permissions over the account / workspace can create a SSO key. Click here to learn how to create an SSO Key

Prerequisites for an Email Campaign access link in VancastVideo:

Before you can create an Email Campaign Access Link you need to connect the API Key of the Email Marketing app to the VancastVideo workspace.

Only an Admin user with Owner permissions over the account / workspace can connect the API key. Click here to learn how to connect an Email Marketing app API Key in VancastVideo

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