Customizing the Sign-up Fields of a Registration Gate Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Registration-Gate Access Link type allows you to customize the Registration Page using the Page Builder tool and the Form itself using the Sign-up Fields tab section

To personalize the Fields Form, go to Event Management > click on Access Links > choose an existing Registration Gate access link or create a new one. Then Click on the Link box to unfold its related properties and Click on the Signup Fields tab as shown in the image below.

The image above shows the default fields of a newly created Registration Gate access link

Actions that can be done to adjust the form fields to your particular needs:

1. Hide a field

For example, you would like the users to tell us their email but not their name or surname.

Click on the editicon, next to the field you want to hide.

Uncheck the Enabled Checkbox to disable that field.

2. Add a list field

Use case: We want the user to tell us if they are an "employee" or the "owner" of the business

Click on thebutton to create a new Field, give it a Field ID and a Merge TAG (for integrations with other platforms)

On the Edit field dialogue, unfold the Control Type field and choose Select

Type the desired Caption, the text that will be shown on the end user's form

Choose whether completing this field is mandatory or not by checking the Required checkbox

Finally,  enter the options for this field that will prompt on the form on a dropdown field. (Label is the value for the end-user, and Value ID is the value for your analytics.)

You can reorder the options by dragging them up or down.

Click Save

3. Add a new Check-box field

A checkbox field is useful for questions such as "I am interested in receiving information from" The process for creating it is similar to the one previously explained, just select "Checkbox" in the Control Type field. In this case, we would leave the "Required" checkbox unchecked as we want it to be an optional choice for the end-user.

4. Add a Privacy checkbox question

We want to add a checkbox field, in this case, a mandatory one, that the user must check if he wants to access the event. We also want the user to be able to open an external privacy policy page

Add the new privacy field as shown below:

Under Control type select "Check box", and make sure both Enabled and Required Checkboxes are ticked.

The Caption field allows for HTML code. So you can type there:

I accept ACME <a href="" target="_blank"> privacy terms </a>

When the end-user would click on the privacy terms text, a new browser tab would load the webpage

Note: If you want to personalize the position and styles of the form on the Registration gate page, use the Page Builder tab

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